Sallie Harker was born in England in 1964 and grew up in Scotland. Sallie studied sculpture in Gloucestershire before sailing to Antigua in 1987 where she has lived ever since with her husband and two children, Theodore and Mehalah.

In 2008 Sallie was selected to represent Antigua at the 9th International Sculpture Symposium and Conference in North Eastern China. During her time in China Sallie created a sculpture of a goat’s head which is permanently exhibited in the World Sculpture Park.

Sallie continues to paint and create sculptures at her home in Antigua, where she also runs a gallery, called the Fig Tree Studio Art Gallery, which can be found on Fig Tree Drive inthe heart of the rainforest. Visitors are very welcome to the gallery to view Sallie’s work as well as other local Caribbean artists.

The gallery is open from November to May.